ACE Peer-Mentors

The ACE Peer-Mentoring Program provides high achieving CUNY SPS students the opportunity to give back to our community in a meaningful way by supporting newly-enrolled, first-time students.

The benefits of becoming an ACE Peer-Mentor:

  • Support newly enrolled students as they begin to develop their academic and professional goals
  • Give back to CUNY SPS to support our mission and further our work with future students
  • Get involved in service as a positive role model
  • Develop essential professional and interpersonal skills
  • Share the knowledge and enthusiasm about your chosen field of study
  • Develop problem-solving and time management skills
  • Gain insight into campus life and student services
  • Develop leadership skills in working with small and large groups

The ACE Peer-Mentoring orientation workshops will be held January 12 and 13, 2022 from 6:00—8:00 pm via Zoom. Mentors are required to attend both evening workshops.

Peer-mentors are expected to contribute to the life of CUNY SPS by:

  • Mentoring between 3-5 new students; as a high-achieving student nearing degree completion, you can provide unique insight and support to new students returning to complete their undergraduate studies
  • Supporting your mentees through orientation by communicating with each of them a minimum of five times over these two weeks. You will track and report your communications and engagement with your mentees
  • Contacting your mentees at specific points throughout the semester to provide motivation and support
  • Responding to inquiries and questions from your mentees
  • Attending the ACE Peer-Mentoring orientation workshops at the start of each term where you will be introduced to best practices in mentoring by a professional trainer and meet your mentees
  • Attending a webinar about CUNY SPS resources for students; and ACE Peer-Mentoring Program meet-ups throughout the semester
  • Attending the Annual CUNY SPS Scholarship Reception in December of each year
  • Volunteering to support one CUNY SPS event of your choice; options might include degree program information sessions, degree program “meet-ups,” career services presentations or presentations focusing on applying to graduate school, or commencement (as a volunteer worker, if you are not graduating)
  • Writing one essay (250-500 words) about your experience as an ACE peer-mentor for possible publication on The Kiosk
  • Responding to surveys at the end of each funded semester which will describe your mentor activities, summarize the nature of the relationships that you have built, and provide feedback about your experiences

For more information on the ACE Peer-Mentoring Program please contact student services coordinator Sarah Krusemark.