Courses for Non-Matriculated Students

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) offers undergraduate students from colleges and universities nationwide the opportunity to register for course offerings in our online bachelor's degree programs.

How to Apply

  • Review our online bachelor's degree programs
  • Select the courses you want to register for
  • Consult with your home college advisor to ensure that credits earned at CUNY SPS will be transferable to your degree program
  • Print and complete the application/registration form below; instructions for submitting the form are included within the form

Learning Online

Online courses are as rigorous and rewarding as those held in a classroom. Much like a traditional class, online course instructors will have a syllabus that will summarize the goals and objectives of the course and s/he will determine the guidelines for the course and how it will be taught. You will have assignment deadlines and participation requirements, which at a minimum will include visiting the course site at least three (3) times each week and posting your comments and questions to the course's discussion board. For one three-credit course, you should anticipate devoting approximately 12 hours a week.

Most classes use a web-based conferencing system or electronic mail as the primary tool for communication between students and the instructor. The actual format of the courses could take many forms. Some have formal lectures, similar in length and content to lectures given in face-to-face classes. These may be entirely text-based or they may consist of a combination of text, graphics, sound and video. Other courses may rely on group discussion and other types of learning activities.

Studies of online learning show that, to be successful, you should:

  • Manage your time effectively, keeping up with the work and meeting all deadlines
  • Communicate well in writing, since most interaction in online courses is done through written communication
  • Commit significant time to each course and log on to that course at least three times each week
  • Know how to communicate online and how to search for and find information the Internet
  • Know your way around your computer, especially your word processor and your web browser