CUNY SPS Scholarships

To be considered for a scholarship, currently enrolled, degree seeking, undergraduate and graduate students should submit a scholarship application online. Students are considered for CUNY SPS scholarships based on fund eligibility and overall assessment of your scholarship application.

Login Information to Apply for Scholarships:

The login for scholarship applications is your CUNY SPS username credentials.

Contact the Help Desk at or 646-664-8592 for any issues with your login credentials.

Scholarship applications are currently open for the Museum Studies Scholarship, Finish Line – Debt Forgiveness, and Finish Line – Degree Completion.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Eligibility varies for each scholarship. Refer to CUNY SPS Scholarships for more details. Students must have completed at least 6 credits at CUNY SPS to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarship Award Cycle:

The scholarship application opens in the beginning of the spring semester. Awards are distributed once a year in the fall semester, unless otherwise stated on the individual scholarship application.