Transfer Credit

As a transfer institution that requires all students to enter with 24 or more credits, we strive to help you to transfer as much credit as possible. We know you have worked hard both inside and outside of the classroom to earn your education. That is why all bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible to transfer up to 105 academic credits from previous educational institutions. In order to earn a degree at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS), students must successfully complete at least 15 academic credits at CUNY SPS while matriculated.

Once you are admitted, you will receive an official credit evaluation. During the transfer evaluation process, courses taken at other institutions are used to fulfill CUNY SPS requirements where possible. The credit value of transferred courses is assigned to match the credit value of the equivalent course.

Acceptable forms of transfer credit

  • Completed course credit from a regionally accredited institution
  • Assessment of prior learning via portfolio evaluation
  • College-level subject-area examinations such as CLEP, Saylor, UExcel or DANTES/DSST
  • ACE-evaluated corporate or military training credit

CUNY Transfer Explorer

Applicants interested in transferring to the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) are invited to begin their transfer experience with CUNY Transfer Explorer, affectionately known as CUNY TREX.  

CUNY TREX is a powerful tool designed to help transfer students navigate the transfer credit process with ease and transparency. Prospective applicants and students interested in CUNY SPS can easily view how CUNY courses transfer in all directions across the CUNY system, along with courses taken elsewhere.  Prior learning experiences, including exams and trainings/certifications can also be viewed in CUNY TREX for possible transferability across the University campuses.  CUNY Transfer Explorer also shows how courses fit into majors across campuses so students can best select courses prior to transfer.

Learn more about how CUNY TREX can benefit transfer students at the CUNYVerse blog article Transfer with TREX: A Helpful Tool for Transfer Students.  Discover how TREX can enhance your transfer experience and help you achieve your academic goals by visiting the official CUNY Transfer Explorer website.

Guidelines for Unofficial Credit Evaluations

  • Evaluations are only available for prospective students (not applicants).
  • There is a limit of one evaluation per student.
  • We are not able to issue unofficial evaluations for multiple programs of study.
  • Transcripts are required within seven days of submitting your request for an unofficial evaluation.

If you have already applied to CUNY SPS, an official transfer credit evaluation will be made following an acceptance and receipt of final and official transcripts from all institutions attended. Admitted students can expect to receive the official transfer credit evaluation prior to registering for their first term of enrollment. Transfer credits do not compute into the bachelor’s degree grade point average.

For more information about the transfer credit policy at CUNY SPS, please contact us at