Management and Entrepreneur Leadership Organization (MELO)

The Management and Entrepreneur Leadership Organization (MELO) was created by the former Academic Director of online business programs, Dr. Edwin Knox. This organization allows students to learn and engage in entrepreneurial thought for managing and starting a business. In addition, MELO also focuses on understanding what management is and how important it is for leading an organization effectively. Students joining MELO will get an opportunity to speak with successful organization leaders and entrepreneurs, creating a long-lasting learning process. MELO is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of CUNY SPS.

MELO Leadership Spring 2024

  • President: Kelley Raphael
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO): Sojung Park
  • Vice President Management: Lina Lazaro Leon
  • Vice President Entrepreneur: Penelope Rodriguez
  • Social Media Coordinator: Robert Westman
  • Event Planner: Elizabeth Teperino
  • Chief Finance Officer (Treasurer): Amber Horton
  • Organization Advisor: Dr. Tara Barca

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