CUNY SPS offers all students a variety of tutoring services, free of charge, both online and in person.

Writing Tutoring

The CUNY SPS Writing Fellows are CUNY doctoral students trained in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) pedagogy. The Writing Fellows offer individual tutoring and are available through Skype, email, telephone, or in person by appointment during fall and spring semesters. Contact the writing fellows Monday-Friday by email at writingfellows@sps.cuny.edu to get started, or visit the writing fellows’ website.  Find out more about this year’s Fellows. Also, watch for announcements from the Office of Student Services regarding our “pop-up writing center,” which will take place on several evenings during the semester.

Math Tutoring

The Quantitative Reasoning Fellows are CUNY doctoral students with expertise in quantitative skill areas like math, statistics, Excel, and programming, and are available via email, phone, online or in person to tutor CUNY SPS students during fall and spring semesters. Find out more about this year’s QR Fellows. The quantitative reasoning fellows’ website provides access to resources for math, statistics, Excel and other quantitative reasoning subjects at. To get in touch with a QR fellow for individual attention Monday-Friday, please email QRfellows@sps.cuny.edu.

Access to links for both the writing and QR fellows’ websites are also available to you from within Blackboard by clicking on the “Writing and Math Help” tab above all course sites.


Online tutoring support is available free of charge for CUNY SPS students and is provided by a diverse group of institutions through the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium. Students can communicate with tutors via email or live chat about a variety of subject areas, including writing across the curriculum (asynchronous writing lab only), mathematics (developmental through calculus), statistics, accounting, and more. 

Students can choose to speak with a tutor on the phone, communicate using text messaging or via e-mail. Students may ask questions about specific subject areas or if they need assistance writing a paper, they may submit a written draft for a tutor to review up to three times. Tutors will not edit, correct, proofread or rewrite papers. They will, however, coach students to consider the clarity of their work, point out inconsistencies in arguments, and identify problems with grammar. As busy people who may not have written papers for a long time, having support with writing assignments across the curriculum can be a great benefit. Likewise, if students need additional support in math or statistics, we encourage them to work with a tutor and if they need help with a research project, they can choose the Research and Information Literacy tutors, all of whom have earned doctorates at CUNY.

To access the eTutoring services follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to http://www.etutoring.org/login.cfm?institutionid=159
  2. Click on "Need an Account?"
  3. Create a login and password (can be anything that you can remember)
  4. Review the ways in which the Writing Center can offer assistance
  5. Submit a paper or a sample of your writing so that the tutors can help and give feedback
  6. The tutors will return the paper with comments and suggestions within a day or two

If you have any questions about eTutoring services, please call the Help Desk at 646-664-8592 or send a message to studentservices@sps.cuny.edu.

Individual tutoring may also be available through each program department. Please check with your specific program for more information.