The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) offers all students a variety of tutoring services, free of charge, both online and in person.


CUNY SPS has a contract with Tutor.com to provide our students with one-on-one tutoring support for CUNY SPS courses via audio/video/whiteboard conference 24/7 in more than 100 subjects, including writing support for English language learners. Students can quickly access tutors on demand or schedule a session in advance. There are diagnostic quizzes in some subjects, to help students identify knowledge gaps. Spanish language tutoring is also available (2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Eastern time) in fourteen subjects covering the areas of basic math, sciences, and social sciences. In addition to tutoring support in academic subject areas, tutors offer assistance in using programs such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Careers Services can assist in areas such as résumé writing and interview help.

To access Tutor.com, please click "Tutoring" in your Blackboard course navigation menu. Contact tutors@sps.cuny.edu if you have questions about tutoring.

CUNY SPS Writing and Quantitative Reasoning Fellows

The Writing Fellows and Quantitative Reasoning Fellows are available during fall and spring semesters only. During summer and winter sessions when the Writing Fellows are not available, students may use tutor.com’s live writing support or essay drop-off service for feedback on writing. The fellows can meet with students in a live online conference (video/audio/whiteboard), or provide asynchronous written feedback on student work. To make an appointment with the fellows please go to our online scheduler. If you have not used our scheduler before, there are detailed instructions on the Writing Fellows' website on how to register for the system or make an appointment.

For more information on the fellows and how to get in touch if you have a question or problem, please view the fellows’ websites:

Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows are CUNY doctoral students trained in Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) pedagogy. They will not edit or correct your work for you, but will make suggestions for improvements to structure and content and help you identify and correct errors. The fellows can provide assistance at any stage of writing from brainstorming and planning to proofreading and editing, and can assist writers at every stage of ability. The Writing Fellows also provide extensive writing resources on their website.

Quantitative Reasoning Fellows

The Quantitative Reasoning Fellows are CUNY doctoral students who can help students with a range of math-related issues, from basic arithmetic to helping students analyze complex statistical models and tests for academic research. The fellows are skilled in basic mathematical concepts like algebra, geometry, basic accounting, and business math. They can also tutor students in higher-level quantitative courses including statistics from as low as the introductory to as complex as the master’s level, economics, and trigonometry.

The QR Fellows also specialize in helping students develop a deeper sense of quantitative literacy, which teaches the vital academic and life skill of thinking mathematically. They also help students learn how to use the various mathematical software required for most SPS coursework including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, SPSS, STATA, and Tableau. The QR Fellows' website also includes a comprehensive list of online tutorials and help guides for a variety of mathematical software, which is all free and open to students.