Accommodation Information for Faculty

Special accommodations, as well as modifications, may be needed in the way information is presented and in methods of testing and evaluation. Documentation from the Office of Accessibility will delineate what we have determined to be a reasonable accommodation for the student's disability. These accommodations must be honored by the faculty, as per the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The objective of such considerations will always be to accommodate the student's disability, not to lower scholastic requirements. The same grading standards should be applied to students with disabilities as to all other students.

It would be helpful to put a statement in your course syllabus such as, "It is our goal for students to feel comfortable in discussing how to maximize their learning, participation, and access to the course." If any student has specific accommodation needs, please contact Christopher Leydon at Disability Services or (646) 664-8621 to discuss these issues. To ensure consistent accommodations with each student, and to inform students of support services available, please feel free to make referrals to the Office of Accessibility.

Prior to receiving accommodations a student obtains a Faculty Accommodation Letter from the Office of Accessibility. It is important to discuss appropriate accommodations with students; however, asking questions about a student's disability, such as the diagnosis, must be avoided. Students have the legal right not to disclose the diagnosis; they need only discuss how reasonable accommodations assist them in their academic environment.

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