State Aid

progress and pursuit

In order to maintain eligibility for TAP, students must satisfy progress and pursuit requirements.

The general requirements are as follows:

  • Must have a GPA of at least a 2.0
  • Must have completed a percentage of attempted credits each semester, determined by the number of points/payments of TAP they have accrued
TAP Points Grade Percentage

6-12 points

received grade for at least 50%

18-24 points

received grade for at least 75%

30-48 points

received grade for 100%

For state aid, progress and pursuit are measured after every term.
If you are unable to complete the requisite credits at the end of the term, whether due to dropping or withdrawing, your next semester’s eligibility will be impacted. For instance, for those who have used 30 or more points, but fewer than 48, withdrawing from even one course will mean the loss of state aid eligibility in the following semester. 

Reinstating / Regaining Eligibility

If the student does not meet the requirements, the student may submit an appeal (PDF) to the Financial Aid Office. The appeal will be forwarded to the Appeals Committees for review. Please note, TAP appeal is a one-time waiver.
If a student decides not to submit an appeal, is not able to do so, or has had the appeal denied, the student can still regain state aid eligibility by completing courses, without the assistance of state aid, and making up the requirements (whether that be raising the GPA to at least a 2.0 or completing the credits previously withdrawn).

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