Academic Assessment

Development and implementation of an academic assessment plan occurs as follows. Steps one, two, and three are accomplished using the Curricular Map templates and the Academic Assessment Plan template.

I. Define Mission, Goals, and Program Learning Outcomes

II. Curricular Mapping

Mapping program learning outcomes to the courses shows the extent to which the learning outcomes are addressed in the coursework, and helps to structure course/program content in ways that promote learning. Further, the curricular map forms the foundation of an assessment plan by identifying the assessment methods/tools to measure each of the learning outcomes. Download a curricular map template.

III. Develop Assessment Plan

  • Define assessment timeline/cycle
  • Identify faculty and staff involved in the development of the curricular map and the assessment plan
  • Identify faculty who will conduct assessment activities
  • Identify who will tabulate/analyze results
  • Define how and when results will be discussed and a plan of action created
  • Describe the process and who will be responsible for writing the Annual Unit Review

​IV. Conduct Assessment and Use Results

  • Collect data/evidence
  • Analyze the results
  • Determine how assessment results will be used for improvement
  • Create an action plan

V. Annual Program Review (APR)

The APR will address the following:

  • Goals and learning outcomes assessed during the academic year
  • Assessment activities that occurred during the academic year
  • Analysis and findings
  • Follow-up actions
  • Noteworthy accomplishments

General Education

The 2019-2022 General Education Assessment plan focuses on the attainment of specific Pathways Common Core Learning Outcomes across courses (Pathways Common Core Learning Outcomes). General Education faculty and administrators have mapped the learning outcomes for all General Education courses, re-surveying each course. The assessment schedule shows a multi-year cycle during which representative Required and Flexible Core outcomes will be assessed twice. Rather than approach the outcomes on a course-by-course basis, as was done in the 2014-2019 cycle, General Education faculty and administrators will assess student artifacts across courses. The total number of potential assignments for each assessment is indicated on the assessment schedule by a number in brackets.