Student Course Evaluations

Student Course Evaluations measure the quality of teaching and learning by asking students to report on instructors’ teaching practices and responsiveness, the learning environment, and students’ understanding of what they learned.

Course evaluations are part of a larger assessment process that contributes to the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning. These evaluations are conducted towards the end of each semester, and results are not shared until after all course grades are posted by the faculty. Individualized links are sent to students’ primary email address, which allows students to complete the evaluations for all courses they are enrolled in.

Reporting and Confidentiality

Reports do not identify students in any way. The following outlines what is, and what is not, included in reports and how they are shared.

  • Reports include:
    • Response counts and average ratings for each question
    • Unedited comments for the course that are not tied to an individual’s name or responses
  • Reports do not include:
    • Information on individual student participation
    • Individual student responses
  • Reports are not released until after all grades are posted. Sample student course evaluation report (PDF).
  • Two data points from the surveys are made available publicly via our website. These are the aggregate scores from all responses for overall satisfaction with the course and overall satisfaction with the instructor. CUNY SPS course evaluation dashboard reports.

For more information about student course evaluations, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at