Food Access Initiative

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) Food Access Initiative provides support to eligible students experiencing food insecurity. Students are eligible to request micro-grants every 30 days as long as they are enrolled in the current semester and provide proof of purchase of groceries from a previous grant. Initial grants will be distributed as an e-grocery card. Students will be required to submit a new registration form for each new food assistance micro-grant request.

Eligibility requirements

Interested applicants are required to complete a brief registration form in addition to the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be enrolled in the current semester
  • Your e-bill must reflect that you are being charged the student activity fee; please note you are not eligible to apply if you have a student activity fee waiver on your account
  • Applicant must reside within the United States
  • Applicant understands that the $50.00 e-grocery card must be used exclusively for food purchases
  • Applicant agrees to keep the receipts of food purchases for any future food assistance request

To be eligible for the e-grocery card, applicants must agree to:

  • Have their preferred email address shared with our vendor in order to activate their user profile and e-grocery card
  • Share their credit or debit card information with the vendor in order to create their user profile and e-grocery card upon receipt; their credit or debit card will only be charged if spending on the e-grocery card exceeds $50.00

As a reminder, the Food Access Grant cannot be used for any non-food related items.

Maximum Award: $50.00 every 30 days, provided the student remains eligible.

Recipients will be notified of their award at their CUNY SPS email address within 2 to 3 business days. As the grant relies on a limited pool of funds, the School cannot always guarantee any availability of funds.

How to Apply

Students should login to the Dynamic Forms application system linked below and fill out the CUNY SPS Food Access Initiative registration form.

For any questions, please email Food Access Grant at the Office of Scholarships.

Use your CUNYfirst/Brightspace login credentials to access the application system.