Human Relations and Sociology Club

Human Relations and Sociology Club


The Human Relations and Sociology Club (HRSC) is dedicated to creating an inclusive space for current students and alumni to engage in professional and personal development activities. HRSC will serve as an outlet for members to network, prepare for graduate school, attend guest speaker events, and much more. Our club seeks to cultivate enthusiasm and energy around our shared goal of inspiring students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and ever-changing society. We encourage all students and alumni who share our interests to join HRSC and contribute to an inspiring college experience.

Fall 2023 to Spring 2023 Leadership Team

  • President: Kimberly Sparkes
  • Vice President: Stacey Williams
  • Secretary: Isabella Legrand
  • Treasurer: Courtney Warren
  • Communications Director: Shanice Drake
  • Events Planner: Kiana McLeod
  • Floor Member: Shanice Drakes
  • Club Advisor: Dr. Melanie Lorek

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