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CUNY School of Professional Studies and University Policies

This page contains links to important School-wide and CUNY-wide policies and procedures. All student specific School-wide and CUNY-wide policies are noted in the CUNY School of Professional Studies Catalog and Student Handbook under Student Rights and University Policies.

All general CUNY Policies apply to the CUNY SPS, including such issues as nondiscrimination, sexual harassment, and freedom of information. All of these policies and many more are available on the University's website at

This page will be updated when policies are revised or new policies are put in place by the School or by the University. Questions on the policies noted on this page may be submitted to


The policies and procedures contained in or linked to from this page do not form an agreement of any kind. Such policies and procedures are intended for internal purposes only and may be altered, modified, or rescinded at the discretion of CUNY SPS and/or the City University of New York. It is the user’s responsibility to check with any and all appropriate offices to determine whether changes, additions or substitutions have been made regarding the policies, procedures and related forms noted and referenced on this page.