Disability Documentation for Students

Students requesting accommodations should submit a request for accommodations form and should be sent four weeks in advance of the term to allow sufficient time to prepare. Documentation will be held in confidence. Once this documentation is received, the School will determine the reasonable accommodations to be provided, issue a notification letter to the student, and arrange for these accommodations to be made within the context of the student's academic program.

Documentation Guidelines

Unlike high school, where students are automatically provided with testing and accommodations services, provide documentation in order to receive accommodations. The laws that govern the K-12 environment are not the same as those that govern the college environment.

In general, documentation must be provided by a physician or other appropriate licensed professional. This documentation must consist of a current report or evaluation prepared by the appropriate professional, along with a completed intake form.

Clinical documentation should:

  • Specify the diagnosis, including when the diagnosis was made and the likely duration of the condition if not ongoing.
  • Describe in detail the student's functional limitations created by the diagnosis; and
  • Indicate accommodations that are recommended for the student, along with explanations as to why these accommodations would be useful.
  • Individual Education Programs (IEPs) can be provided with an appropriate psychological/educational report or medical documentation.

Students are encouraged to include appropriate medical reports, relevant medical history, and any other medical or educational records or data that would be useful in determining and providing appropriate reasonable accommodations and services. In some cases, the office of disability services may ask you or your physician/evaluator to submit additional information.

*All information about a student's disability is considered confidential and will remain within the Office of Student Disability Services.

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