Activities and Events Guidelines

Developing a community through events and activities is an essential component of building your academic and professional network while enrolled at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS). Student activity fees support student-run events and clubs here on campus, and all students are encouraged to organize activities based on their academic pursuits and personal interests.

Resources are available for the following types of activities:

  • Formation of a student club such as the Health Services Administration Organization, The Management and Entrepreneurship Organization or the Black Student Union
  • Extracurricular educational programs
  • Cultural and social activities
  • Recreational and athletic programs
  • Publications and other media
  • Community service programs
  • Enhancement of the college and university environment
  • Transportation, administration and insurance related to the implementation of these activities
  • Student services to supplement or add to those provided by the University
  • Stipends to student leaders

CUNY SPS follows the guidance and policies developed by The City University of New York's Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. There are key policy documents and information available to assist you with developing campus-based programming and activities at CUNY SPS. CUNY SPS follows the rules set by CUNY's Board of Trustees outlined in the Fiscal Handbook for the Control and Accountability of Student Activity Fees when determining distribution of funds.

If you have an idea for a social or cultural event such as a faculty lecture, movie night, or academic enrichment workshop, please complete the Student Life Event Request form to provide the necessary information to the Office of Student Life. After completing the form, schedule an appointment with associate director of student life Anthony Sweeney who will work with you to develop your ideas into meaningful programming for you and your classmates.

Guidelines for Requesting and Receiving Funds

  • Requests for funds to support activities and events must be made six (6) weeks prior to the date of the proposed event.
  • Event and meeting space on campus is limited, so requests will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. Flexibility with dates and at least six (6) weeks advance notice is preferred. Request for space can be emailed to Student Life Coordinator Parshotam Lal. Please note, all events will be virtual until further notice.
  • Students will not be reimbursed for expenditures that do not have the final authorization of associate director of student life Anthony Sweeney.
  • Catering requests can be emailed to Student Life Coordinator Parshotam Lal. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and removing all food waste from event space.
  • Student clubs and organizations must have a faculty or staff advisor. The Office of Student Life can help students identify an advisor, but it is strongly encouraged that students be proactive in selecting their own advisor. Student clubs and organizations will not receive funding without an approved advisor.
  • All students participating in clubs must be currently enrolled at CUNY SPS.
  • Student clubs and organizations must keep minutes of regularly scheduled meetings, which shall include an attendance record, and provide a copy of the minutes within two (2) days following the meeting to the Office of Student Life for publication on the School's website.
  • Student clubs and organizations and organizations are responsible for electing co-chairs who will represent the group within the larger School community. The co-chairs are required to meet with associate director of student life Anthony Sweeney immediately following their election. The co-chairs are required to preside over the group's regularly scheduled meetings, and provide monthly reports of their activities to the Student Association. Groups must hold at least four (4) meetings per semester. Upon request, the co-chairs shall attend the Student Association's monthly mandatory meetings.
  • Student members of all clubs and organizations are required to take the SPARC (Sexual & Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course) annual training. Information on compliance is available by contacting the Student Life Coordinator, Parshotam Lal.
  • The School has established a policy governing the consumption of alcohol during School events, whether on campus or off-campus at a School-sponsored event. Students hosting an event where alcohol is consumed are expected to review and abide by the policy. Any violation of this policy may result in legal or disciplinary sanction.

CUNY SPS respects the rights of all students and their beliefs. All activities and events sponsored by Student Activity Fees will be open to all CUNY SPS students without exception. No person shall be denied membership or participation in a School club or organization, event, or activity because of national origin, race, sex, physical disability, political or religious beliefs, or sexual preference. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in an immediate removal from said club or organization or event, and may result in further disciplinary action.