ACE Mentees

Here at CUNY SPS, we appreciate that many of our students are busy adults, juggling many professional and family priorities and responsibilities. Often, learning how others have successfully managed their time and academic efforts early on in their studies can help new students navigate their first semester at CUNY SPS, especially if it is their first semester taking online courses. For that reason, we have created the ACE Peer-Mentoring Program to serve the needs of our newly enrolled undergraduate students.

In this program, new students paired with ACE Peer-Mentors, current undergraduate students who are close to graduation from their programs. Mentors and mentees will work together throughout the entirety of their first term here at CUNY SPS, and often report continuing on with a life-long friendship.

The benefits of becoming an ACE Mentee:

  • Develop habits that have helped CUNY SPS undergraduates to succeed
  • Learn new strategies for success, such as efficient time management, goal-setting, and ways to meet different life challenges
  • Enrollment in courses and other opportunities at the School, such as networking events
  • Learn how to find, access, and use resources available to CUNY SPS students
  • First-hand knowledge about internships and other experiences that can enhance opportunities for job searches and career advancement
  • Insight into graduate school opportunities, and ways to prepare a strong application
  • Opportunities to participate in professional development, fellowships, and scholarships while in school and afterward
  • Gain exposure to positive peer role models
  • Support in overcoming the common barriers to online education for first-term students

The requirements of being an ACE Mentee:

  • Participate in an orientation workshop on Thursday, January 13, 2022 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, where they will meet their mentors, as well as a professional mentor trainer who will help students to develop a plan and the skills needed to use this program successfully; the workshop will be held through Zoom
  • Commit to communicate with their mentors throughout the online orientation process; communication can be by phone, text or online using Slack, at mutually convenient times
  • Meet regularly with their assigned mentors; attend skill-building workshops and training sessions; and keep your mentor informed of your academic progress
  • Take responsibility for their learning and challenge themselves to set and achieve new academic and professional goals
  • Commit to providing programmatic feedback

Students interested in applying to be a mentee can complete this application. It is brief, and requires that you provide us with your EMPLID number and information to help ensure that we find a good mentor match for you. Please complete it by Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

For more information on the ACE Peer-Mentoring Program please contact student services coordinator Sarah Krusemark.