Leadership Conference

The Student Leadership Conference is an eagerly anticipated annual event held during the spring semester, providing a platform for internal and external speakers to share their insights and expertise with CUNY SPS students. Each year, the conference revolves around a specific theme, carefully chosen by a committee comprised of students, faculty and staff. The theme addresses relevant topics designed to engage participants in meaningful discussions. The conference aims to foster a sense of community, engagement and leadership development. 

While the conference theme varies each year, the underlying goal remains consistent – to provide a platform for dialogue and learning for students that goes beyond the classroom. The Student Leadership Conference is a dynamic and enriching experience, offering the opportunity for participants to broaden their knowledge, connect with their peers and contribute to their personal and professional development. 

Previous conferences can be found on the dropdown tab under Student Leadership Conference. We hope that you find the content both educational and insightful. 

If you are interested in joining the Student Leadership Conference Committee, please email Reshma Jaigobin, Student Development and Leadership Coordinator: reshma.jaigobin@cuny.edu

The Student Leadership Conference’s main sponsor is the Student Association.