Records Management Program

The Records Management Program at the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) implements the CUNY Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. Its purpose is to ensure that records are retained for as long as required for administrative, legal, and fiscal purposes, and to encourage the systematic disposal of records that are no longer needed.

The foundation of the Records Management Program rests with the Administrative and Departmental Schedules which were created after consultation with representatives of each program and department in the School. The Administrative Schedule identifies documents that may be commonly found in each department, and the Departmental Schedule identifies documents maintained by a particular office. Each schedule states the period of time the documents included therein must be retained, and when they may be destroyed.

The Records Management Coordinator is available to meet with your department to review this material and to prepare and remove documents ready for archiving or destruction.


Overview of the Records Management Program:

  • There is only one “official” version of each document. This is listed on the appropriate departmental schedule, found on our website.
  • CUNY has a retention period for all official documents. This also is listed on the appropriate departmental schedule.
  • Duplicate copies are unofficial, and therefore have no retention period. They may be destroyed when no longer needed, and should never be kept longer than the official document.
  • Documents that have reached their destruction period, if no longer needed, will be removed for destruction, with a log of the destroyed documents created and maintained by the Records Management Coordinator.
  • Official documents within their retention period, but no longer needed for the department’s day-to-day operations, can be placed in storage. These documents would be removed, tracked, and maintained by the Records Management Coordinator with the status of “awaiting destruction,” until they reach their destruction date. If you find there is need of these documents before they reach their destruction date, they can always be retrieved by contacting the Records Management Coordinator.

All inquiries about records management should be addressed to:

Records Management Coordinator

Mary Hannigan

(646) 344-7338