The Basics

Resumes, Cover Letters, ePortfolios, Websites

Every jobseeker needs a toolkit. Resumes and cover letters are essential for a toolkit, which then can be used to create a website. Some jobseekers use work samples to build a portfolio too.

Helpful Links to build your job search tool-kit:


Whether conducting a search for an internship, entry-level job or VP-level position, interviews are a necessary evil. As with any challenge, practice makes (almost) perfect and Career Services at CUNY SPS can help!

Helpful Links to ace your interviews:


"It's not what you know, it's who you know (and who knows you)!" All professionals, not just job seekers, must leverage relationships to be successful. Connecting with others in-person and online is also the best way to find a job. Networking is a MUST! Career Services can assist CUNY SPS students and alumni in planning your networking strategy and overcoming fears. Also contact us for assistance in preparing for job fairs and other career networking events. We recommend Quintcareers Tutorial for quick job fair tips.

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