ACE Peer-Mentoring Program

Created by the generous support of founding donor Alan Fishman, the ACE (Achieve Your College Education) Scholarship provides scholarship awards to support the degree completion amongst our School’s highest-achieving undergraduate students with a demonstrated financial need. Awards underwrite 100% of tuition and follow recipients through degree completion.

Students selected for the ACE Scholarship are required to participate in the ACE Peer-Mentoring Program as a peer-mentor for newly enrolled, first-term students during each term they receive funding. As a peer-mentor, students work with undergraduate students on the development of the academic, social, and cultural skills required of CUNY SPS students enrolled in online programs.

Students Mentees are given the opportunity to participate in the program during their first term here at CUNY SPS.

To learn more about the benefits and requirements of becoming an ACE Peer-Mentor visit the ACE Peer-Mentors page.

To learn more about the benefits and application process of becoming a mentee in the ACE Peer-Mentoring Program visit the ACE Mentees page.

For more information on the ACE Peer-Mentoring Program please contact student services coordinator Sarah Krusemark.