Withdrawal Information

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must consult with their academic advisor*. The advisor and the student will review the reason for withdrawal and resources available to support the student’s continuation in the course. Students who feel they are struggling with the course material will also be encouraged to speak with their instructor.

Helpful Options To Consider Before Withdrawing

Advisors will discuss with the student the consequences of withdrawal, both academic (loss of credit, lack of progress toward completion of the degree, repeated withdrawals that can lead to dismissal) and financial (loss of tuition, impact on financial aid). Students receiving financial aid will be advised to contact the financial aid office to determine the impact on their financial aid award.

If withdrawal is the best or only option, the advisor will email the student the withdrawal form. Instructions for completing and submitting the form are included in the form.

*If you do not know who your academic advisor is, call (646) 664-8514. E-permit students will need to also inform their home campuses.