LGBTQIA+ Student Resources

CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) LGBTQIA+ programming’s goal is in support of providing professional, social, and activism-related opportunities for all members of our community, but especially currently enrolled students.

CUNY SPS is committed at every level to supporting the health, well-being, and belonging of LGTBQIA+ students, faculty, and staff. The Office of Student Life works to ensure the visibility and inclusion of the entire spectrum of our LGBTQI+ community. For more information on programming and initiatives please contact Associate Director of Student Life Anthony Sweeney.

LGBTQIA+ programming here at CUNY SPS is made possible due to generous funding from the New York City Council Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual Caucus and the Office of the Mayor, and supported by The LaGuardia and Wagner Archives.

CUNY SPS Campus Resources

CUNY SPS Pride Club
The CUNY SPS Pride Club is a student-run organization that provides resources for students of the community, holds events to promote LGBTQIA+ culture, and raise awareness of issues pertaining to the community and encourages a safe and diverse space for students.

CUNY SPS Students Preferred Name Change
CUNY SPS preferred name change website aids students registered with the school in submitting a name that will be recorded in CUNYFirst, course rosters, identification cards and student email addresses.

CUNY SPS Counseling Center
CUNY SPS Counseling Center website has information on services and supports for currently enrolled students. It lists its services for students’ information, emergency and crisis information, resources for students, faculty and staff, as well as the email and phone number for the counseling center and a ‘Meet the staff’ page.


LGBTQI+ Student Leadership and Internship Programs
LGBTQI Student Leadership and Internship Programs website has links to the LGBTQI+ Advisory council, CUNY LGBTQI+ Summer Internship Program, CUNY LGBTQI+ Advocacy academy, CUNY LGBTQI+ Student leadership program, David Mixner Fellowship, LGBTQI+ Speaker series and mentorship. It provides quick links to find out more information on the CUNY LGBTQI+ programs.

CUNY’s LGBTQI+ Hub website has links to CUNY LGBTQI+ Council, CUNY LGBTQI+ related policies, LGBTQI+ student leadership and internship programs, LGBTQI+ student initiatives, supporting preferred name and gender, CUNY LGBTQI+ centers, FAQs and events. This is the main website for all aspects of the CUNY LGBTQI+ programs, initiatives, centers and resources. The LGBTQI+ Hub encompasses all of CUNYs LGBTQI+ centers throughout New York City. It is essentially the main website in which people can find information on all other centers.

CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies
CUNY CLAGS website for the Center for LGBTQ Studies within the CUNY Graduate Center. This is the first university-based LGBTQ research center in the USA.

The Roosevelt House - Hunter College
The Roosevelt House website depicts the program associated with CUNY Hunter College as their LGBTQ Policy Center which educates and enables opportunities for students who are interested in LGBTQ studies. The mission of the LGBTQ Policy Center is to support research on LGBTQ issues and to make policy decisions that promote the health, social and political equity of LGBTQ people. Services are available for all CUNY students.

CUNY Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Policy
This website explains the CUNY-wide policy on equal opportunity and nondiscrimination.

CUNY Protecting the Rights of Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Students
This is a letter dated 2017, from Jane Sovern - interim general counsel and vice chancellor for legal affairs. It outlines the rights of transgender and non-gender conforming students attending all CUNY campuses.

New York City Resources

Ali Forney LGBT Youth Center
The Ali Forney Center is in memory of a gender nonconforming youth who was unfortunately forced to live on the streets and murdered. This website provides resources for housing, drop-in centers, job readiness and education, health services, programs for trans clients and technical assistance program resources. They also offer a variety of events. The youth center is located at 307 West 38th Street in New York City.

Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)
This website provides information on events hosted by the organization and services that they offer such as HIV/ AIDS prevention care.

Comptroller's Guide to LGBTQ+ Resources
This website has an extensive list of LGBTQ+ Resources in New York City in the ‘Search Directory’ section. This list shows contact information for each resource as well as their address and the website.

The Audre Lorde Project
This community organizing center is based in New York City and is geared toward helping lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by providing services, events and resources.

The American LGBTQ Museum
The American LGBTQ Museum website is a partnership with the New York Historical Society. This museum is dedicated to preserving, sharing and researching LGBTQ+ history, experiences and culture.

The LGBTQ Center (NY)
The LGBTQ Center (NY) website discusses its prominent and popular organization in NYC that has events, various programs such as advocacy development, youth services, support services and reservations. The Center has been an active program serving NYC for the past 40 years.

LGBTQ Resources (NYS)
LGBTQ Resources (NYS) lists the various LGBTQ Centers in New York State and includes their names, locations and website links.

LGBTQ+ Health + Hospitals
NYC Health + Hospitals’ website depicts how NYC is supporting people who identify as LGBTQ+ in regards to their health. They offer many services such as PreP, behavioral health services and referrals, HIV testing and treatment, insurance navigating, affirming OBGYN care and gender affirming services. They also display Pride Health center locations.

LGBTQ Office of Children and Family Services
The LGBTQ Office of Children and Family Services website has information for LGBTQ youth, parents and adult caregivers for LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ adult foster and adoption resources and professionals working with the LGBTQ individuals. This can be an important source of information for parents at CUNY SPS who would like more information on supporting their children who identify as LGBTQ+.

A Guide to Gender Identity Terms (audible and written text)
The Guide to Gender Identity Terms has written text and audio available to help explain the various gender identifying terms. It also has a glossary of terms relating to gender identity.