Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

What is the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards?

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSC) at CUNY School of Professional Studies upholds the Student Conduct Code, which identifies behavioral expectations of all students and all other CUNY/Federal/State policies. This includes academic dishonesty and sexual misconduct. The Office of Student Conduct's main mission to help ensure a campus climate conducive to teaching and learning by helping to strengthen the safety of the campus community and educating the community about standards.

Our approach is developmental, fair, and collaborative. If you have knowledge of an SPS student violating the code and policies, you are encouraged to notify our office. A report identified as an alleged Student Conduct violation may result in student conduct proceedings.

To help categorize what you have observed and experienced, we have highlighted referrals below:

Non-Academic Misconduct

Behaviors that are violations or potential violations of the Student Conduct Code, CUNY/Federal/State regulations or rules.

Academic Integrity Violations

Behaviors that violate the CUNY Academic Integrity Policy. Complete SPS Faculty Reporting Form here.

CARE Referrals

The Concern Assessment Response Evaluation (CARE) Team is an appointed group committed to proactive, multidisciplinary, coordinated, and objective approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention, and management of students’ behaviors that pose, or may pose a threat to the safety and wellbeing of our campus community.

A CARE referral is reviewed by the CARE Team and appropriate referrals are made based on assessment with NABITA’s objective rubric.

Contact: Carolee Ramsay at