Tuition and Fees

A college education is a worthwhile investment and the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) is committed to making your education attainable and affordable. Our low tuition rates and varied financial aid options, including state and federal support, scholarships, and grants, ensures you have every opportunity to complete your college degree.

As part of the City University of New York, we are a CUNY Value Plus institution, offering quality, affordability, and value. With 2023-24 tuition rates at $305 per credit for undergraduate students, many of our undergrads graduate debt free. Our graduate tuition, at $470 per credit, is among the lowest in the North East.

CUNY’s affordable tuition is part of a successful, long-term financial partnership between the University, state and city governments, philanthropists, alumni, and students. Enduring value increases lifelong opportunities for our students to pursue their educational, professional, financial, and personal goals.

Rates for 2023-24

New York State Residency

Please note: Students registered in a fully online program prior to the Winter 2023 term pay the New York State tuition rate regardless of residency. Students who first enroll or are readmitted for the Winter 2023 term or thereafter will be charged the non-resident online rate.

For the purposes of determining tuition charges, a student is considered a resident of the State of New York based on the following:

  • The primary residence is in New York State for least twelve months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the semester in question
  • A declared intention to live permanently and maintain a principal residency in New York State
  • Residence in a dormitory, hotel, or other temporary housing facility does not in itself establish New York State residency
  • Generally, students in United States on any temporary visa are not considered New York State residents

The CUNY Residency Form and appropriate documentation must be provided for students to be eligible for New York State resident tuition rates.

Remission of Tuition and Fees

Please note that your payment due date is based on your initial registration date.

Learn more about different payment methods available to CUNY SPS students.