Academic Advisement

Once students are admitted to one of the undergraduate degree programs at CUNY SPS, they are assigned an academic advisor who will work with them from the time of admission through graduation. The academic advisor meets with students to discuss not only their major and courses they need to take, but also their academic, personal, and professional goals. They help students identify challenges before the start of classes, so they can be better prepared once they begin their studies. This model of holistic advisement is designed to ensure student success.

What to Expect from Our Advisors:

Each of our advisors is paired with a select number of students, serving as their primary contact person throughout the progression of their time at CUNY SPS. Our advisors are committed to upholding a range of responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to, acting as liaisons between students and faculty; informing students about their academic performance, the registration process, and important dates; and updating students on new policies and opportunities.  Our advisors provide consistent support to students throughout the semester, and make themselves available via email, phone, or on campus meetings.

What Our Advisors Expect from Students:

In order to facilitate a seamless transition into CUNY SPS and to develop an effective coursework plan for future semesters, we recommend that students speak with their advisors several times throughout the academic year. In order to maintain an open line of communication, students are expected to provide their advisors with updated contact information, read all incoming communication, and approach their advisors should they have any questions.  Students are also encouraged to discuss any personal or life events that could affect academic success with their advisors.

In addition to developing a rapport with our advisors, there are many other ways that students can prepare for their scholastic endeavors at CUNY SPS.  These actions include attending our virtual orientation on Blackboard prior to the beginning of the semester; becoming familiar with the CUNYfirst system in order to review course offerings and register for classes; and reading the CUNY SPS Catalog to learn more about our course catalog, student services, and other aspects of the website.

Contact Information:

Watch this video to meet our office staff who relay important tips for new and continuing students.