Alumni Spotlight

CUNY SPS alumni are among the best, brightest and most dedicated. Here's what some of our alumni have to say about their CUNY SPS experience, professional accomplishments and career goals.


Caridad Muñoz

MS in Business Management and Leadership, Class of 2016

After I completed my degree, I was able to leverage what I learned in order to do more in a leadership role.

Carolina Moquete

Advanced Certificate in Youth Studies

"It definitely empowered me to have a certain level of confidence in the work I was doing with young people that I didn’t necessarily have in my first year in the role."

Stacy Atkinson

MS in Business Management and Leadership, Class of 2017

"The most rewarding aspects of my job is having the ability to make executive decisions, travel around the world and meet people from all walks of life, and importantly, my direct reports respect my leadership and allow me to be part of their team.”

Sarah Krusemark

BA in Psychology, Class of 2018

"It was important for me to do a fundraiser for the ACE Scholarship last year because it had such a huge impact on my academic career and progress.”

Danielle Lucchese

MA in Disability Studies, Class of 2016

"My experience as a disability studies student greatly influenced my role as an adjunct faculty member in the field, because I am able to take the knowledge I gained from the disability studies program and pass it forward."