Alumni Spotlight

CUNY SPS alumni are among the best, brightest and most dedicated. Here's what some of our alumni have to say about their CUNY SPS experience, professional accomplishments and career goals.


Danielle Lucchese

MA in Disability Studies, Class of 2016

"My experience as a disability studies student greatly influenced my role as an adjunct faculty member in the field, because I am able to take the knowledge I gained from the disability studies program and pass it forward."

Neeroopa (Susan) Surendranath

BA in Communication and Culture, Class of 2008

"Because I had a bachelor’s degree from CUNY SPS, I was able to apply to an accelerated nursing program and complete my degree in 15 months.”

Katherine Smith

Advanced Certificate in Disability Studies and MA in Disability Studies, Class of 2009 and 2012

"My CUNY SPS master’s degree in disability studies allows me to approach my job in a much different light....providing a more objective assessment.”

Dianne Galasso

BA in Psychology, Class of 2017

"Graduating from CUNY SPS... was the first of many steps on my way to changing careers.”

Alex Perez

RN to BS in Nursing, Class of 2017

"After completing my degree with CUNY SPS, I have taken on further responsibilities at my job. I started leading nursing patient education sessions [and] I am also serving as a preceptor for students in RN programs...”