Alumni Spotlight

CUNY SPS alumni are among the best, brightest and most dedicated. Here's what some of our alumni have to say about their CUNY SPS experience, professional accomplishments and career goals.

Angie riding a bike in a bike race

Angie Fuoco

Advanced Certificate in Disability Studies, Class of 2016

"Because of my CUNY SPS certificate, I’m tasked with more responsibilities for helping people with disabilities, which I love to do.”

Rianna Miller

MS in Business Management and Leadership, Class of 2017

"My amazing experience at CUNY SPS has influenced my current job because it opens the door for me to talk to prospective students about the experience I had.”

Christopher Bonet

BS in Business

"...many of the principles and policies learned in my coursework have lent a hand in increasing my job duties, as well as expand my career prospects.”

Romona Betton

BS in Health Information Management

"CUNY SPS provided me the opportunity to broaden my scope within the [health care] field. This has helped me be more versatile in my career and is still helping me today in shaping my career path.”

Tyerence Brown

BS in Business Alumnus and Current MS in Business Management and Leadership Student, Class of 2016

"My CUNY SPS degree gave me greater confidence, understanding about ways to succeed, and how to maximize team-building to accomplish organizational goals.”