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Turning Reliance into Reliability: A Pressbooks and H5P Project to Replicate an Interactive, Simulations-Rich OER Textbook

March 22, 2023

Northeast Regional OER Summit

Staff members of the CUNY SPS Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology (OFDIT) Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiative team, will be presenting at the North East OER Summit on April 4-5. Their talk describes the creation of a CUNY Pressbooks version of Concepts in Statistics. Sarah Kresh will also be presenting the keynote address at the summit.

The Impact of Systemic Racism on Health Outcomes Among Black Women: Recommendations for Change

March 22, 2023

The Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Jennifer McIntosh, an adjunct assistant professor of nursing at CUNY SPS, has published the article "The Impact of Systemic Racism on Health Outcomes Among Black Women: Recommendations for Change" in the journal The Nurse Practitioner.

MetroFocus: March 21, 2023

March 22, 2023


A research team of young people created by the CUNY SPS youth studies program has been featured on the PBS show MetroFocus. In the segment, members of the NYC Youth Agenda Steering Committee talk about their newly unveiled "2023 NYC Youth Agenda," a set of recommendations that they have presented to leaders at City Hall.
Portrait of Dr. Jennifer McIntosh

Nursing Professor Leads Global Health Program

March 17, 2023

University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Jennifer McIntosh, adjunct assistant professor of Nursing at CUNY SPS, was one of the faculty leads at Yale University School of Nursing for a student-focused global health program which included the 26th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars (EAFONS) 2023 and the Global Nursing Research Center Spring International Program at the University of Tokyo, Japan. This experience provided students with opportunities for international collaboration and learning while to sharing innovative approaches and methodologies in nursing science.

All the Angry Young Women

March 06, 2023

SUNY Press

Dr. Elizabeth Alsop, assistant professor and academic director of the CUNY SPS communication and media program, contributed an essay to the recently published volume Feminists Reclaim Mentorship (SUNY Press, 2023), co-edited by Nancy Miller and Tahneer Oksman. Dr. Alsop's essay is titled "All the Angry Young Women."