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CUNY Office of Research Awards $400,000 in Seed Funding to 10 Cross-Disciplinary Research Projects

April 03, 2023

CUNY Office of Research

Dr. Regina A. Bernard-Carreno, associate professor in the CUNY SPS youth studies program, is one of several researchers who have been awarded the CUNY 2023 Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IRG). Offered by the CUNY Office of Research, this grant funds projects that join expertise across disciplines and stipulate a clear path to expansion and new external funding. Dr. Bernard-Carreno will collaborate with Anna Ortega-Williams from Hunter College on “NYC Land-Based Historical Trauma Healing Project,” which will look at how gardens and urban farms affect the well-being of youth of color in the context of historical trauma and structural racism. Dr. MacLachlan, director of grants and research programs for the CUNY Office of Research, is also a student in the CUNY SPS MS in Research Administration and Compliance program.
Zoom call of webinar

Conversations for Success: Pathways to Sports & Entertainment Marketing Management

March 29, 2023

On March 29, 2023, the Management and Entrepreneur Leadership Organization (MELO) hosted the fourth installment of its management and leadership speaker series ‘Conversations for Success: Pathways to Sports & Entertainment Marketing Management’ featuring Prof. Tamica Clanton and BS in Business student Robert Westman. MELO is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of CUNY SPS.
Decorative photo for essay on data privacy written by CUNY SPS Professor James Casey

Why Privacy Matters

March 23, 2023


James Casey, an associate professor from the CUNY SPS Research Administration and Compliance program, shares his thoughts on the importance of data privacy.

Turning Reliance into Reliability: A Pressbooks and H5P Project to Replicate an Interactive, Simulations-Rich OER Textbook

March 22, 2023

Northeast Regional OER Summit

Staff members of the CUNY SPS Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology (OFDIT) Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiative team, will be presenting at the North East OER Summit on April 4-5. Their talk describes the creation of a CUNY Pressbooks version of Concepts in Statistics. Sarah Kresh will also be presenting the keynote address at the summit.

The Impact of Systemic Racism on Health Outcomes Among Black Women: Recommendations for Change

March 22, 2023

The Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Jennifer McIntosh, an adjunct assistant professor of nursing at CUNY SPS, has published the article "The Impact of Systemic Racism on Health Outcomes Among Black Women: Recommendations for Change" in the journal The Nurse Practitioner.