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CUNY SPS Youth Studies Breakfast Event Photo

Agenda-Setting for the Future

March 16, 2023


In February 2023, students from the CUNY SPS MA in Youth Studies program participated in an annual breakfast designed to help shape New York City’s youth policy agenda. Two students who attended, Rachel Castillo and LaTroya Lovell, shared their thoughts on the event and the impact it may have on the work being done by youth workers and advocates going forward.
CUNY SPS Foundation Board Chair Blake Foote

How the CUNY SPS Foundation Works for Our Students

March 13, 2023


CUNY SPS works hard to help our students at all stages of their educational journey. But for many of our working adults returning to school, paying for school is often one of the biggest hurdles to success. Through the work of the CUNY SPS Foundation Board, a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 to support adult learners while they complete their degrees, we have been able to provide a wide range of scholarships, grants, and awards that help our students overcome these financial obstacles. Blake Foote, the chair of the CUNY SPS Foundation Board since 2019, discusses the Board’s efforts to support CUNY SPS students and how we can all help..
CUNY SPS ACE Scholars Intisar Alwahaib and Kate De Luca

Meet Our Ace Scholars Part II

March 09, 2023


The ACE (Achieve Your College Education) Scholarship is a unique program at CUNY SPS offered to high-achieving undergraduate students who are close to graduating. Endowed by the generous support of founding donor Alan Fishman, the scholarship underwrites 100% of tuition and follows recipients through degree completion. Kate De Luca, (Health Information Management, BS ‘23), and Intisar Alwahaib (Psychology BA ’24). share their experience with the program.

Nursing gains benefit from informatics and IT

March 08, 2023

Health Care Finance News

Dr. Olga Kagan, adjunct assistant professor on the nursing informatics faculty, previews her talk at the 2023 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference, in which she focuses on tools that assist nurses to decrease burnout and develop their careers.

All the Angry Young Women

March 06, 2023

SUNY Press

Dr. Elizabeth Alsop, assistant professor and academic director of the CUNY SPS communication and media program, contributed an essay to the recently published volume Feminists Reclaim Mentorship (SUNY Press, 2023), co-edited by Nancy Miller and Tahneer Oksman. Dr. Alsop's essay is titled "All the Angry Young Women."