Student Profiles

Our students come from all walks of life, but share one common goal -- to build upon their skills, knowledge, and career options through higher learning. Here's what some of our current students have to say about their experiences at CUNY SPS.


Nuri Panjaton

BS in Business

"I now know that I am capable of balancing work and family along with school. All I had to do was believe in myself and give things my best. "

Leonard Blades

MS in Disability Services in HIgher Education

"I saw the degree as an opportunity to give back and help other students with disabilities, the same way I was once assisted, so that they can obtain their desired degree. "

Shaniqua Oritheneer

BA in Psychology

"I want to absorb as much knowledge as I can in order to be the best version of me."

Christy King

BA in Communication and Media

"Now, after more than a year of consulting, I’m having a blast, learning more every day, and feeling more confident about working for myself over the long haul."

Amoni Brown

Bachelor of Science in Business

"I believe my degree will serve as a stepping-stone for more learning opportunities. My journey in the business program will offer me experiences, networks, and knowledge that will position me to compete in today’s world."