Student Profiles

Our students come from all walks of life, but share one common goal -- to build upon their skills, knowledge, and career options through higher learning. Here's what some of our current students have to say about their experiences at CUNY SPS.


Bonaparte Pierre

BS in Health Services Administration

"In terms of impact, the degree will eventually help me to get work in greater and more complex facilities."

Alan Kok

Advanced Certificate in Project Management

"To me, the field of project management is more than just being a robot and getting from point A to point B. It’s building those relationships so you can get the project completed quickly and effectively."

Jonathan Hernandez

MS in Data Science

"The most enjoying aspect of the program is the fact that we get to work on real-world programs and can apply our skills learned in these courses to solve real-world data science problems."
Nicholas with boy from Puerto Rico

Nicholas Choi

RN to BS in Nursing

"Taking classes at CUNY SPS truly tests your time management skills. The faculty truly want you to succeed and provide you with various resources to aid in that."

Marie Mendoza

Advanced Certificate in Immigration Law

"The discussion board provides constant feedback and, with everyone from different states, broadens the conversations and highlights different experiences."