Lisa Young

MS in Disability Services in HIgher Education

"So far, my studies have really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am usually very shy, but I have already had the chance to connect with people and attend conferences."


For those that aren’t aware, can you explain the field of disability services in higher education?  

This program is about providing the best services and support to students with disabilities inside and outside of the classroom. Some of the topics we discuss are the history of disability, the accessibility of college facilities, classroom accommodations, emotional support animals, and the various types of disabilities that are present on a campus.  If you are a student with a disability, you have the right to attend college and your experience should be well-rounded and inclusive.  That process often begins with disability services offices.

Why did you choose to continue your education at CUNY SPS? Why the online MS in Disability Services in Higher Education?

I chose CUNY SPS because they offer online programs. Programs are available in both the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. I chose the MS in Disability Services in Higher Education program because it is the first of its kind. I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Did you ever think that you would enroll in an online program?

I had taken two classes online but never an entire program. I never thought that I would enroll in a full program online, but I am glad that I did.

What was your motivation for returning to school for this master’s degree?

My motivation for returning to school and completing this program has been my sister. She was diagnosed with a disability and she is my inspiration.  She never gives up and always pushes through.  Having her in my life, I gained a better understanding of some of the things that people with disabilities experience in their lives.   

Which aspects of the program have you enjoyed most thus far?

I have enjoyed my interactions on Blackboard where I have learned from the different experiences of my fellow classmates.

What is your relationship like with your classmates and professors?

You can always reach out to professors and receive a response in about 24-48 hours. You see some of the same students in your classes so you have the chance to build relationships.  I also had the opportunity to meet with one of my classmates face to face.  

How does the degree relate to your career that you have OR the career that you want?

This degree will help pave the road for me to work in a disability services office one day.

Which professional or personal goals would you like to achieve during your time at CUNY SPS?

My main personal goal is to achieve more balance in all areas of my life.

In which ways have you grown as a result of your studies at CUNY SPS?

So far, my studies have really pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I am usually very shy, but I have already had the chance to connect with people and attend conferences.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve received while at CUNY SPS?

Students with disabilities need you to work alongside them to help them realize their dreams.

What advice would you offer someone considering applying for admission to your program? What advice can you offer someone who is juggling, school, work, and other obligations?

Go ahead and apply to this program if you want to make a difference and believe that every student has the right to an education. Start with baby steps and don’t give up.

What do you hope to do after graduating from CUNY SPS? What does your future look like?

I would like to conduct further research on disabilities and possibly secure an internship. The future looks bright with this degree. 

Lisa’s Fun Facts

  • Place of residence: Queens, NY
  • Weirdest place you have studied: At a restaurant
  • Best thing about your community: Diversity
  • What are you reading right now? Fearless by Max Lucado
  • What are you watching right now? The news
  • What you enjoy doing in your spare time: Listening to music

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