Bachelor of Science in Nursing Dual/Joint with Bronx Community College

Format: Online

HEGIS Code: 1203.10

Application Deadlines
  • Fall 2024 Regular Deadline: June 17, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Regular Deadline Extension: July 8, 2024

Application Deadlines

The application process for the BCC-SPS Dual/Joint Program is initiated at the Nursing Department at Bronx Community College. For more information, contact Shanell Rawls, or visit BCC's website at

This dual/joint degree program in nursing with Bronx Community College (BCC) and the CUNY SPS enables qualified students enrolled in the BCC AAS in Nursing program to seamlessly transition to the BS in Nursing at CUNY SPS. Students in this dual/joint program are guided in the selection of courses by an advisor in order to efficiently progress through the general education and nursing program requirements.

Career and Academic Prospects

The BS in Nursing program prepares students to assume leadership positions in hospitals, community agencies, and long-term care facilities across the metropolitan area and beyond. Students gain the tools needed to meet the challenges of the evolving healthcare system, as well as the knowledge and experience required to move forward into graduate level studies and advanced practice nursing.

Job Placement Statistics

Undergraduate program outcome: 80% of RN-BS alumni will report employment as a RN within six months.

  • 2018 – 90%
  • 2017 – 92%
  • 2016 – 95%
  • 2015 – 95%

Meet our Faculty

Estimated number of adjunct faculty teaching in the program: 50

Margaret Reilly
Professor, DNS, Nursing Science
CUNY Graduate Center
Academic Director – Undergraduate & Graduate

Patricia Bartley-Daniele
Associate Professor, PhD, Nursing Education
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Coordinator MS in Nursing Education
Undergraduate & Graduate

Kenya Harris
Professor, EdD, Educational Administration, Leadership, and Technology
St. John’s University Nursing

Jan Oosting
Assistant Professor, PhD
Johns Hopkins University

Anne Marie Leveille-Tulce
Assistant Professor, PhD, Nursing
CUNY Graduate Center
Undergraduate & Graduate

Kathleen Marsala-Cervasio
Associate Professor, EdD, Educational Leadership
Northcentral University

Lilly Mathew
Associate Professor, PhD, Nursing
University of Arizona
Coordinator MS in Nursing Informatics
Undergraduate & Graduate

Linda Paradiso
Assistant Professor, DNP, Nurse Executive
Old Dominion University

Admissions Criteria

To be eligible for the CUNY SPS-BCC Dual/Joint Program, applicants must:

  • Be enrolled at Bronx Community College;
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.50, with a minimum grade of “C” or better in the pre-clinical sequence;
  • Have taken and attained a successful score on the admission exam taken at BCC, e.g. Kaplan Admission Test (KAT);
  • Completed the required pre-clinical sequence at BCC with the program required GPA;
  • Completed the nursing program required pre-admission test.

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Application Deadlines

  • Fall 2024 Regular Deadline: June 17, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Regular Deadline Extension: July 8, 2024
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