Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension, and Exclusion

Academic Warning

Academic warnings are issued whenever such a warning is deemed appropriate.  Students receive only one academic warning; failure to comply with this warning may result in academic probation or suspension.


Academic Probation

Academic probation is a serious warning that immediate and significant improvement is required.  Students who earn F or WU grades, have a GPA below 2.0 or more than two INC grades will be reviewed and may be placed on academic probation.   A finding that a student has committed plagiarism or has failed to comply with the Academic Integrity standards of the School of Professional Studies in any other way will be cause for probation.  When instituting probation, specific criteria for return to good academic standing will be defined.   Academic probation will be noted on a student’s transcript while in effect and that notation will be removed completely upon successful return to good academic standing.   


Academic Suspension and Exclusion

Students with two consecutive unsatisfactory semesters are normally suspended from the School of Professional Studies for a period of one year.  Students may petition to return to the program at the end of the year.  Students may be suspended or excluded from the School for reasons of academic dishonesty.