Emily Brooks

Faculty, Disability Studies

Emily Brooks

Emily Brooks is an educator, writer, and advocate whose teaching and research interests include representations of disability in narratives and the media; intersections of gender, sexuality, and disability; disability studies in education; and autism. Emily holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Bard College and a MA in Disability Studies from the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She began teaching disability studies at CUNY in January 2017.  

Emily has worked with disabled young people and their families in a variety of educational and recreational settings since 2004. She has a background in facilitating and coordinating programs and services. An advocate for disability, LGBTQIA, and educational rights, Emily has spoken at conferences, addressed the United Nations, and appeared on National Public Radio. Emily was drawn to disability studies both professionally and personally, as she is autistic. Her published writing includes academic and journalistic work as well as narratives. For fun, Emily enjoys hiking in the mountains, baking, and making art.   

Recent News

CUNY SPS Interim Dean Silva-Puras Presenting Faculty Prize to Emily Brooks

Emily Brooks Awarded Faculty Teaching Excellence Prize

July 20, 2022

Brooks is the third recipient of the award, which was first introduced in 2019 to recognize faculty excellence at CUNY SPS.