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Online Master's in Psychology: Top 20 Values 2016-2017

September 21, 2016

College Values Online

We're honored to announce that College Values Online ranked our Online MA in Psychology degree #8 in their "Online Master's in Psychology: Top 20 Values 2016-2017"

Professor Stephen Brier Co-Publishes Book on Austerity and Public Education

September 12, 2016

Professor Stephen Brier co-authored "Austerity Blues: Fighting for the Soul of Public Higher Education," which examines the social consequences of disinvestment in public higher education, particularly its effects on growing economic disparities in our cities and communities.

Should the Minimum Wage Be Raised? Experts Pick Sides

September 06, 2016


Professor Stephanie Luce was featured in a WalletHub debate about raising the minimum wage.

Accessible Child Care

August 02, 2016

The New York Times

Sherry Cleary, who works closely with our CDA and CPAC programs, penned an honest and thoughtful letter to The New York Times regarding accessible child care.

The Last Hurrah of the Silent Majority

July 29, 2016

The Last Hurrah of the Silent Majority

Richard Nixon found electoral victory by appealing to the racial, economic, and moral anxieties of white Americans—a strategy Trump is seemingly trying to replicate. But will it work?