CUNY SPS Celebrates Highest Spring Enrollment Ever

CUNY SPS Dean Braverman Speaks at Enrollment Success Luncheon

In a historic milestone, the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) is celebrating its largest enrollment ever this Spring surpassing its previous record in the Fall semester.

The total number of students enrolled this Spring is 4,338 students compared with 3,926 students in Spring 2023representing a whopping 10.5 percent increase.

Within academic programs, CUNY SPS saw stunning student increases and expanding enrollment in the BA in PsychologyChild Development Associate (CDA) Certificate, BS in Information Systems and BS in Business.

CUNY SPS Dean Dr. Lisa Braverman recently met with faculty and staff during an in-person gathering to announce the record numbers and recognize the collective efforts responsible for this growth. Shortly after Dr. Braverman came to the School as its new leader in August, she formed an Enrollment Task Force to bring together key stakeholders in enrollment management throughout the School.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate and how proud I am of the efforts of the Enrollment Task Force and others," Dr. Braverman said, addressing the crowd. "They are a model for CUNY SPS for absolutely any challenge that faces us at any time. They came together and brainstormed how to solve critical School challenges."

Dr. Braverman added that when she is frequently asked what her vision is for CUNY SPS. "I'm not the only leader here," she said. "There are 200 leaders at CUNY SPS and when we really dig deep and bring out leadership in every employee, the results are amazing. They are emblematic of the collective talent, skill, commitment, and experience that we are so proud of here."

Michelle Rivera-Maldonado, who was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, started her degree at Monroe College 12 years ago, but had to stop due to a diagnosis of severe rheumatoid arthritis. She knew she wanted to finish her undergraduate education but needed to continue her studies online.

The 47-year-old Bronx resident found that CUNY SPS was the perfect fit, began the spring semester majoring in psychology, and was able to transfer 86 of her 90 credits.

"CUNY SPS is a great school," Rivera-Maldonado enthused. "People should take advantage of what they have to offer online. The courses are difficult, but it's not impossible."

Nina Russo, owner of Sensational Beginnings Childcare in Oceanside, said she began her studies this semester and is very pleased with the choice.

"I chose CUNY SPS to pursue a CDA certificate because it's offered by Zoom weeknights and weekends," she said "I also decided to work on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and was happy to hear the certificate is offered with college credits. I am so impressed by my professors. They really enjoy teaching and want all of us to succeed." 

Fenecia Hines, an assistant teacher at The Learning Experience School, agreed. She said she chose the CDA program because it offered everything, she was looking for in a School that was predominantly on-line.

"I always wanted to pursue a career in early childhood, and I knew that I needed to further my education as well," Hines said. "I love the teachers. They are very helpful and make me hopeful. They are both so insightful and they are very knowledgeable in the field. Ms. Jacqueline and Ms. Emily are really committed to the teachers coming into the education field."

Michael Marinovic is pursuing his second BA degree at CUNY SPS and is currently in the BS Information Systems program. His first degree was a BS in Health Information Management.

"I really enjoyed learning from my fellow students, experienced professors, and staying up to date in industry trends," he said. "I wanted to pursue a second bachelor’s degree to stay up to speed with latest technology and skills."

Lucas Sifuentes, CUNY SPS director of undergraduate and graduate admissions, said the School's impressive enrollment is a result in the renewed collaboration with the enrollment task force and other departments. He also cited an eight percent increase in continuing students due to the work of the undergraduate and graduate academic advisors.

"We should be proud of these wins while also maintaining a student-centered focus as we enroll more students each semester," Sifuentes said.

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