Vera Vitkouskaya

At-Large Steering Officer

Headshot of Vera Vitkouskaya

Vera originates from Vitebsk, Belarus, where she received her bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine. Five years ago, she moved to the United States and decided to completely change her life and profession. Her intrinsic inclination poses an innate ability to inspire individuals to identify and achieve their life goal overcoming their obstacles. First, she received an associate degree in liberal arts from Kingsborough Community College and then she transferred to the CUNY School of Professional Studies to obtain her bachelor's degree in psychology with a concentration in psychological development.

She is a professional resilience coach with over two years of successful experience, building her practice with a holistic supportive approach. Her area of interest is to help individuals to assist in reducing stress/obstacles/challenges they experience in their daily life, as well as accompanying people on the way to their goals and transformations. It is a great honor and responsibility for her to be a part of students life, and it is also an opportunity to find out what students face every day on the way to their goals and help based on her experience and knowledge.