ShaWanna L. McPhaul

At-Large Steering Officer, Student Association

Headshot of ShaWanna L. McPhaul

ShaWanna is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business, and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. During her first three semesters, she was new to online learning, a mother, and full-time employee. At one point, she wanted to give up because of the amount of stress she encountered trying to embrace this new learning style, but members on the Student Association and CUNY SPS staff were extremely encouraging. They provided her with interesting tools, such as who to reach out if classes were becoming overwhelmed.

She has learned that the being a part of the Student Association offers her the opportunity to stand as a student representative and have her voice heard. She attended several of the off-campus events offered through the Student Association to enhance her leadership skills and to understand student’s needs. One of the events was in support of her fellow peers with disabilities, and she found this informative because now she is aware of the challenges many face as well as the opportunities we need still need to fight for them.