Norma Harris

Thesis Advisor

Headshot of Norma Harris

Norma Harris, Ph.D., M.S is an educator in retirement from the Los Angeles Unified School District, where she taught BIPOC students who were learning with various forms of neurodiversity, learning differences, and diagnosed disabilities. Her doctorate in Human Development with a concentration in Transformational Learning for Social Justice provided her with the insight and knowledge to develop creative learning environments that helped her students succeed. She engaged her students by combining various art forms and educational strategies, including theater activities and storytelling, into her curriculum. She continues to support both parents and children as an IEP advocate. She is a facilitator for the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) Sawubona Circles and Community Healing Network’s (CHN) Emotional Emancipation Circles. Both organizations are devoted to healing the ongoing effects of racism, oppression, and discrimination.