Chinyere Emmanuel Egbe


Areas of Expertise
  • Applied Statistics in Business
  • Survey Statistics

Dr. Emmanuel Egbe (BSBA, MBA, MA, PhD), an economist, is a tenured full professor of business at Medgar Evers College (CUNY) and was educated at the University of Tulsa, in Oklahoma and Washington State University in Pullman. During his tenure at Medgar Evers College, Dr. Egbe held various positions including deputy chairperson (1992-97) and Dean of the School of Business (1997-2002). While he was dean, he led the School to gain national accreditation through the Accreditation Council for Schools of Business (ACBSP) and to reaffirm accreditation in 2014. He additionally established a new degree in financial economics. Dr. Egbe has also been involved in local economic development and completed surveys and on the economic development of the Crown Heights neighborhood around Medgar Evars College for which he received two certificates of congressional recognition. Other notable projects include the Transportation and Job Access study in Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Dr. Egbe is also actively involved in accreditation and educational improvement and served as regional president (Region 1) of the ACBSP and in the council of regional presidents. Dr. Egbe is also an avid student of military history and the history of human conflicts.


BUS 210 - Business Mathematics

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