Cait Field, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology

Dr. Cait Field is a Biopsychologist and Ethologist specializing in sensation and perception, animal behavior, and learning and memory. Cait holds an MA in Animal Behavior & Conservation from Hunter College, where she studied the sensory systems of cockroaches, and a PhD in Biopsychology & Behavioral Neuroscience from the CUNY Graduate Center, where her dissertation work focused on communication in electric fishes. She has taught courses in Psychological Statistics, Learning and Cognition, Psychological Research Methods, and Biopsychology, among others. Cait works as the Manager for Science and Research Development at Freshkills Park in New York, where she conducts, coordinates, and consults on park research projects conducted by government and academic researchers relating to restoration ecology, land management, biodiversity monitoring, and social science, among other fields. She also works part-time as a commercial sailing captain in NY Harbor and spends as much time as possible on our waterways. When not working, Cait is an avid runner and hiker and runs with the NYC chapter of Type One Run.