Barbara Edington

Faculty, Project Management

Headshot of Barbara Edington

Dr. Barbara Edington is the director of the Center of Excellence in Project Management and a tenured professor in the Management and Information Technology Department at St. Francis College. She holds a DPS in Computing from Pace University, an MBA in Finance from Temple University, and is PMP certified. Prior to her work in academics, Dr. Edington was a product/project manager in the financial services industry, most recently at Goldman Sachs in their New York and London offices, where she served as a VP/Executive Director. Throughout her career she was engaged in a wide range of projects including global new product development, multi-million-dollar asset conversions, and technology implementation and systems integration, many of which involved coordination of legal and regulatory agencies, both domestically and internationally. Dr. Edington has also conducted research and published on the topic of uncertainty and risk in the Project Management Journal and co-authored a book on the topic, in addition to speaking at numerous academic conferences.