Aislee Berenice Nieves

At-Large Steering Officer

Aislee Berenice Nieves

Aislee Berenice Nieves is a youth developer, photographer, and blogger committed to motivating humanity to express itself in safe, healthy, and developmental ways. Having always been a writer, Aislee spent most of her life and undergraduate years expressing herself via hand journal and WordPress. Nieves was born in Brooklyn, NY, and was raised in the same apartment in Brooklyn until her departure to DePauw University in 2014. Her inspiration centers around youth, expressionism, and storytelling. 

While majoring in history at DePauw, Nieves realized the true power of storytelling (narrative history) and the importance of sharing one’s testimony. She decided to document the pivotal moments of her life and emotions during her overwhelming transition from Brooklyn to Greencastle, IN. After 5 years of working diligently on her literature and one year after graduating from DePauw, Aislee self-published her first book Collective Hurt: Reflections of an Edgeless Artist. Although the book was written during the awful yet exciting transition, it focuses more on her heart and feelings throughout these years after experiencing heartbreak, sorority life, friendship, and distance from her true home (the Big Apple). 

Nieves is now pursuing her Master of Arts in Youth Studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies in New York City, while dedicating her life to becoming the best youth developer she can be. She aspires to serve every community she is a part of to the best of her ability. Nieves values student advocacy, representation, and use of voice. Nieves now works with Grand Street Settlement as the AmeriCorps Assistant Director to empower young adults to make positive life choices. Nieves is super passionate about youth work and helping everyone develop around her. Everyone deserves opportunity!