Youth Studies Professor Showcases Latest Book in Panel Discussion

Youth Studies Professors Dr. Zeller-Berkman and Dr. Bishop discuss race and justice with outside scholars Damaris Dunn and Dr. Barrales during panel discussion

Students, faculty, and alumni of the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) gathered in April for a dynamic panel discussion centered around Youth Studies professor Dr. Elizabeth Bishop’s recently published book, Whiting Out: Writing on Vulnerability, Racism and Repair.

During the event, entitled “Go For Broke: Visions of New Solidarities,” Dr. Bishop read from her book and lead a panel that featured Dr. Sarah Zeller-Berkman, academic director of the CUNY SPS Youth Studies programs, as well as fellow scholar-activists Dr. Wendy Barrales and Damaris Dunn. Throughout the talk, panelists explored ideas about innovative pathways and critical youth development explored in Dr. Bishop’s book.

The evening began with Dr. Zeller-Berkman’s opening remarks and introductions to Dr. Bishop, a noted educator, researcher, writer, and youth advocate, and the two outside panelists. Dr. Barrales is an Ethnic Studies teacher, scholar-activist, and founder of the WOCArchive who works to center her immigrant family’s stories in her research, community organizing, and classroom. Damaris Dunn is a scholar pursuing her doctorate at the University of Georgia. Her research interests are educational equity and Black girl joy.

Following these introductions, Dr. Bishop then took the stage to read from Whiting Out: Writing on Vulnerability, Racism and Repair, an experimental text that seeks to collapse the space that white writers create between themselves and their ideas when writing about race, identity, history, responsibility, positionality, power and the present.

As she noted, much of Whiting Out grounds itself in the writings of James Baldwin and Gloria AnzaldúaI. Explaining her close connection to Baldwin’s work, Dr. Bishop said, “I read Baldwin at a redemption crossroads—recognizing repair and what feels like a constant struggle. He taught me that this is why we must love each other fearlessly to survive.”

Later in the conversation, Dr. Bishop tied her philosophy to her work as a teacher in the Youth Studies program at CUNY SPS. “Sarah [Dr. Zeller-Berkman] was like, ‘let us be youth developers,’” Dr. Bishop said. “I think in the youth development world, there is a spaciousness. We have people in this room who ran capstones on black youth worker burn out. They are asking critical questions the community needs to ask.”

Reflecting upon the event afterwards, Dr. Zeller-Berkman noted, “Youth Studies is thrilled to celebrate Dr. Bishop’s latest book release and I was delighted to be in conversations with Bishop and the impressive panel of scholars she assembled to speak back to her work.” She continued, “The enthusiasm of the audience was palpable, and the chat from the livestream was so dynamic. This all was clearly a testimony to the beloved status Dr. Bishop holds in our Youth Studies’ community. We are all grateful to Dr. Bishop for her scholarly contributions as well as her deep love and respect for our students, educators, youth-workers, young people, and our field.”

For more insight into Dr. Bishop’s book and research, please read her Q&A on the CUNY SPS blog.

Whiting Out: Writing on Vulnerability, Racism and Repair is available for purchase on the publisher’s website. 

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