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Jump Start

Your Alternate Path to a CUNY SPS Bachelor's Degree

Committed to serving the needs of adults, the CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) understands that our students take many different paths in life before they arrive at our School. Acknowledging that learning happens inside and outside the classroom, the Jump Start application offers an alternate path to earning a CUNY SPS bachelor’s degree.

*Please note, this is not applicable to the HIM and Nursing degree programs.

How does Jump Start work?

Jump Start is a performance-based application process for degree-seekers, regardless of their GPA. Instead of focusing on traditional academic requirements, this new admissions approach allows you to create a portfolio that demonstrates the college-level skills and knowledge you’ve developed inside or outside of a college classroom in areas such as leadership, research, technical skills, professional writing, and languages.

You can gain admission to CUNY SPS and finish your degree faster with Jump Start.

Jump Start application compared to the CUNY Transfer application

Requirements Jump Start Application CUNY Transfer Application
Official transcripts 24 or more attempted credits from a regionally accredited institution 24 or more earned credits from a regionally accredited institution
Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement Suggested for those with a cumulative GPA of 2.49 or lower Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
CUNY College Readiness Requirements Not Applicable Yes
Personal Statement (Admissions Essay) Yes Yes
Jump Start Essay & Portfolio Yes Not Applicable
Test Flight: Online Learning Simulation Yes Not Applicable
Connect with a Navigator Yes Not Applicable
Application Fee $70 $70

Ready to apply to Jump Start?

The first step to discovering if Jump Start is right for you is to connect with an Admissions Advisor who can help you learn more about the application process and address any initial questions.

(The Spring 2020 Jump Start application is now closed.)

For information about the Fall 2020 application process and deadline, please click the button below.