Alumni Spotlight

CUNY SPS alumni are among the best, brightest and most dedicated. Here's what some of our alumni have to say about their CUNY SPS experience, professional accomplishments and career goals.

Shivan Mahabir headshot

Shivan Mahabir

BA in Disability Studies, Class of 2019

"CUNY SPS has expanded my knowledge and understanding about interacting and working with people with disabilities. It helped me become the assistant director of assistive technology at the College of Staten Island."
Duubar Villalobos Jimenez

Duubar E. Villalobos Jimenez

MS in Data Science, Class of 2019

"Since my master’s program was 100% online, I had the experience as to how to cope with online work activity. When COVID hit, and everything became remote, I was able to switch gears seamlessly.”
Mauree Akhi

Mauree Akhi

Advanced Certificate in Management, Class of 2020

"My advanced certificate will bridge my qualifications and experience to seek positions more suitable for me. The CUNY SPS program taught me how to navigate an organization to function, serve, and seek opportunities more effectively.”
Tara Santos headshot

Tara Santos

MS in Business Management and Leadership, Class of 2020

“The best piece of advice I would give would be to get involved! This will enrich your college experience. You will see how much support there is and gain the opportunity to network within the CUNY SPS community.”
Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

BA in Communication and Media, Class of 2020

"Thanks to the School blog and The Kiosk, I have a writer’s portfolio of published work that enhances my value to content makers in the communications industry.”