Black Student Union

Mission Statement

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) Black Student Union aims to create a safe space for Black students at CUNY SPS. We have solidified our purpose to promote and integrate positive relationships and access within our community. Our mission is to empower our Black students on campus and provide them with the resources they deserve to have a holistic student experience. All are welcome to mentor and be mentored; all are welcome to build and be built. We honor our Black Community and the multiple intersecting identities we hold.


Being a part of the Black Student Union means that you are ready to learn, engage, and spread awareness on issues affecting the Black community. Our aim is to create a platform for Black students to be able to achieve greatness for years to come.

This space will:

  • Present opportunities for folk to engage in the history and context of Black peoples
  • Connect and build relationships and networks among students and alumni
  • Train and teach us to be active members in matters and decisions around student life and the campus experience
  • Offer opportunities to develop personally, spiritually, and professionally
  • Develop programming and service initiatives for students of color

BSU Leadership Council 2020 - 2021

Leandra G., Administration Co-Chair

Jacklyn Tomlin, Media/Marketing Chair

Rachelle Russell, Meetings and Programming Chair

Shanice Williams, Administration Co-Chair

Brittany Irby, Special Projects & Networking Chair

Club Advisor: Monique Atherley, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Human Relations (HRL)

For more information about the Black Student Union, or any student life activity or program, please contact association director of student life, Anthony Sweeney.