Services for Students

CUNY SPS provides free and confidential mental health services (consultation, crisis intervention, evaluation, short-term psychotherapy, supportive referral services) to enrolled students. Eligibility for various services will depend on a student’s state and country of residence, but all CUNY SPS enrolled students are eligible for some form of support.

Scheduling a Consultation

CUNY SPS Counseling Services is staffed by a licensed clinical psychologist who is available to speak with students by appointment. 

All students interested in CUNY SPS Counseling Services begin with an Initial Consultation appointment. This appointment is free and confidential (as are all of our services) and most often occurs over the phone, though a student can request an in-person appointment if they prefer. During this consultation, students can expect to discuss:

  • What concerns bring them to contact counseling services
  • The history of these concerns
  • General mental health and health history
  • Steps to take to improve their situation, in both the short- and long-term
  • What services are available to them through CUNY SPS
  • The difference between different types of therapy and therapists, and what problems they address
  • How mental health services can benefit anyone, whether or not they have a diagnosis

In addition to discussing services through SPS, students can also receive help thinking about:

  • How to find low- or no-cost services off campus, if desired
  • How to understand insurance benefits and get the most out of coverage
  • Understanding the confidentiality implications of insurance plans
  • Options available to those who do not have health insurance or whose coverage does not include mental/behavioral health
  • How to find an excellent off-campus therapist when you are not sure where to start

Email and Confidentiality

When you email, please remember that email is inherently not a confidential medium.  We recommend that you use email to communicate only about scheduling, not to discuss the personal details of what brings you to seek consultation.

To schedule a consultation, please email or call 646-664-8647.

In an Emergency

If you are having an emergency that affects your safety or the safety of others, you should call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

Counseling email and voicemail are checked several times per day during standard business hours (Monday – Friday, 9 – 5pm, Eastern Standard Time). If you call or email, it may be a few hours before your email or voicemail is received.